Worthwhile Wear Human Trafficking Awareness Club (HTA)

Are you a high school or college student looking to make a difference?

Worthwhile Wear has created the opportunity for YOU to spread awareness and educate the community! Create a Worthwhile Wear Human Trafficking Awareness (HTA) Club at your high school or college campus. With your leadership, the club will have an impact on the issue of human trafficking

If you're a high school or college student who wants to make a real difference in your school community, then starting a Worthwhile Wear HTA Club is one of the best ways to do so. This club offers a unique platform for you and your peers to come together and raise awareness of the critical issue of human trafficking.

By joining forces and leveraging your collective voices, you can help to educate others about trafficking, and work to combat it in your community and beyond.


How To Start A Club:

Need some club ideas?

Inaugural club meeting - Info session with Worthwhile Wear founder, Dan Emr

  • 10/1/24 - 10/27/24 Themed Gift basket collection for fall fundraiser
  • 11/15/24 - “A Worthwhile Evening” Livestream Watch Party
  • 01/11/25 - Human Trafficking Awareness Day
  • 05/01/25 - Act Challenge kick off and participation

Anytime events:

  • Human Trafficking informational events
  • Thrift store donation drives
  • Volunteer days at Worthwhile Thrift


For more information please email us at volunteer@worthwhilewear.org

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