Human trafficking is a global matter affecting more than 27 million people, including nearly 22 million women. It is a human rights issue for all of us, while also predominately a crime against women. Our response therefore needs to be as broad reaching as possible.

That's why, when we launched Worthwhile Wear overseas in 2012, we wanted to collaborate with other like minded organizations and individuals to fight this horrific crime. We began partnering with organizations in India who rescue women from brothels. Together, we provide ongoing care, vocational training, and employment that gives survivors of trafficking the ability to provide economically for themselves and their families.

Worthwhile Wear's Overseas Strategy

Our strategy to effectively and efficiently address the issue of human trafficking overseas revolves around a concerted effort to partner with existing organizations, local governments, and law enforcement agencies. By partnering with others we can share existing buildings, programs, and even staff to rapidly help women, rather than taking months or years to start a plant from scratch.

We aren’t reinventing the wheel, but instead organizing the many “spokes” to make the “wheel” more effective. If Worthwhile Wear cannot locate an organization in an area that desperately needs a vocational, employment, and/or education center, then we will work on starting a new facility.