Meleny's House

Meleny's House


Meleny's House offers apartment style living to women in the leadership phase of The Well program to give them more independence and autonomy while still being supported by staff and programming at The Well.

In turn, this will open more beds at The Well, allowing Worthwhile Wear to serve more women.


Pastor Miller (pictured here), his wife Meleny, and their two sons lived in the home for 22 years. It was the longest place they had called "home" but their time there was not without its challenges.

Meleny developed unexplained difficulty walking after just a year in the home. In an exploratory surgery, doctors found a benign tumor that encapsulated her spine. The tumor was removed, but it left her with no feeling below her shoulder.

Bound to a wheelchair, the church came alongside to help the family. Despite Meleny's limited mobility, she poured into the lives of the women who brought food and helped with her rehab. The home became a place of rest and restoration and we look forward to it serving survivors in the same way.


On June 27, 2021 Emmanuel Lutheran Church voted unanimously to offer their parsonage to Worthwhile Wear to use as additional housing. (Pictured L to R is Worthwhile Wear executive director, Dan Emr; former pastor Richard Miller; current pastor John Heidgerd; and church council chair Jennifer Casta.)

The 12 bedroom home was originally renovated in 1977 for former pastor, Richard Miller and his family but has sat unused since 2007. When current pastor, John Heidgerd came to Emmanuel Lutheran, he felt that the parsonage was too big for just him and his wife and it needed a new purpose.

To make the home usable, plans were drawn up to turn the single family dwelling into three independent apartment units. Most of the renovation work has been completed by volunteer crews. Many churches, businesses, groups, and individuals have come together to complete the remaining renovations.

Worthwhile Wear also received a huge boost of help from the Eight Days of Hope (EDOH) team which sent 50 volunteers to complete 3 months’ worth of construction in a mere two week time period. When the EDOH team pulled up stakes to head home they had completed the demo, framing, interior layout re-configuration, blockwork, installed stairs, replaced and capped all of the windows, did the mechanical, electrical, plumbing rough-ins, and everyone’s favorite job - drywall and spackle!

We have so much to celebrate since the ribbon cutting in May 2022 because our first participant moved from The Well into one of the apartments at Meleny's House.

There is still construction to be completed, and if you are interested in helping, email Tina at to get plugged in.

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