The Voice of Trauma

Trauma creates a voice of self-doubt and deceit and seeks to tear us down. This powerful video uniquely depicts how survivors of trauma are often confronted by the voice of trauma that seeks to prevent them from ever fully healing or reaching their full potential.

Worthwhile Wear works with survivors of human trafficking in its outreach and housing programs to overcome the voice of trauma, and one tool Worthwhile Wear uses is words of affirmation and encouragement. Worthwhile Wear works with women to think of themselves in a positive way, and then asks them to write encouraging words to themselves, and also encouraging words to other women that may read their notes. Some of these notes are highlighted at the end of this short film, and represent the hundreds more that exist. 

Worthwhile Wear offers the most comprehensive services to survivors of trafficking in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. Trauma is the primary underlying factor that causes or perpetuates societal issues like addiction, unemployment, fractured relationships, and other maladaptive behaviors. Worthwhile Wear believes that healing begins when trauma is identified and addressed, and when individuals understand their true worth.  Learn more...
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The Woman - Alexandra Chelaru
Executive producer - Nico Giampietro | Daniel Emr
Producer - Sarah Giampietro
Director - Nico Giampietro
Story - Daniel Emr
Director of Photography - Joe Grasso
Production design - Alyssa Stump
Gaffer - Jeremy Teran
AC - Kevin Johnson
HMU - Drennan Lucia
Editor & VFX Supervisor - Patrick Mason
PA - Juli Wert | John Wiater
Sound Designer - Gareth Smith
Colorist - Santiago Rosales
Production Co. - Stray Finch

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