Worth It

Worth It


The WORTH IT program is designed for women who have experienced sexual trauma from exploitation, trafficking or prostitution. Trauma is often the primary underlying factor that causes or perpetuates many societal issues like addiction, unemployment, fractured relationships and maladaptive behaviors. We believe healing begins when trauma is identified and addressed, and when meaningful relationships are made.  

WORTH IT staff help participants connect with area service providers, maintain sobriety, and ultimately break the cycle of exploitation.  All participants will receive various incentives for attending and completing the program. 


We seek to provide:
  • Counseling
  • Support
  • An intensive group process to maximize readiness and support for changing behaviors and lifestyle
  • Other community resources to help participants build meaningful support networks

        Women 18 years and older
        Women who have experienced sexual exploitation, trafficking, or prostitution
        Willing to attend all 6 weeks

        Area Resources

        Bucks County Department of Human Services

        Chester County Human Services

        Delaware County Department of Human Services

        Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services

        Philadelphia County Department of Human Services


        If you would like to participate in the Worth It program, please fill out the application below:

        Here are some of the things the women from our first graduating class wanted to share with others. The value of this program is reflected in their words!

        “I am learning that I have a voice and I AM ENOUGH! My past no longer defines me and I am forever grateful for this program and all the people involved!” 

        – H.B.

        “This program helped me, along with the help of some really amazing women, accept my past and move forward towards being the person I know I can be. I know now that I have a story to tell!” 

        – D.M.

        “This program is a wonderful way to learn about yourself. The HELP that we received is something that I’ll be forever grateful for, and I will carry the tools I’ve learned for the rest of my life. You are worth it!”


        “I don’t think you understand how much you all impacted my health, my spirituality, and if I could ever sit across from god, I’d say thank you for lending you all to all of us! I actually went home and cried alone…I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible…Thank you for loving me until…I’m able to love myself. I’m on my way – You, me, we all are worth it!”

        – S.

        “This program makes me feel like I’m not alone. I’ve received messages that literally entered my soul that I needed to have to be able to move forward with less heavy baggage.”

        – Anon

        “I truly feel blessed to be part of the Worth It program. It has given my life purpose.” 

        – Anon