Our Team

Our Team


Dan provides oversight and guidance for the different departments of Worthwhile Wear, keeping in mind the big picture and long term trajectory of the organization. He works with staff to innovate and find ways to not only serve more women each year, but to continually evaluate and improve Worthwhile Wear's services.


Prior to founding Worthwhile Wear, Dan spent close to 6 years working in marketing and sales at an engineering firm before he left everything to follow his desire to help survivors of human trafficking. Dan holds a BS from Clearwater Christian College, but attributes much of his education to his years spent growing up in Ukraine as a missionary kid. (More about that here.)

Dan enjoys getting to interact and connect with participants, staff, volunteers, donors, business partners, and other supporters associated with Worthwhile Wear. When Dan’s not laying the groundwork for Worthwhile Wear’s next steps, you’ll likely find him listening to a podcast and working on his latest project. Whether it be a broken engine, a circuit board that needs soldering or some carpentry work, Dan finds his happy place fixing things.


Tina engages with the community at both the local and national level to invite businesses, organizations, and individuals to join in the mission of Worthwhile Wear.


Prior to joining the Worthwhile Wear team, Tina was a part of a volunteer construction team for the Education and Counseling Center at The Well. As she learned more about the issue of human trafficking, she felt compelled to take action and be a part of the solution. Tina earned her BS degree from Kutztown University and also holds a certificate in Non-Profit Management from LaSalle University.

Tina was inspired through her professional experience working for the Travis Manion Foundation as she engaged with families of the fallen and harnessed the power of volunteers to serve their community. Now Tina enjoys inspiring others to engage in our mission. When she puts a pause on her work, you might find her out on a long distance run enjoying God’s creation.


Brooke helps oversee daily activities to ensure the different facets of Worthwhile Wear are running smoothly and moving forward.


Prior to Worthwhile Wear, Brooke spent a few years supporting various small business owners as they worked towards their business goals. She also flexed her creative muscles as a Director of Communications for her church through written and graphic design. These roles helped her to discover the joy in supporting others and shaped her analytical approach to work.

A strong believer in business being used as a force for good, Brooke was drawn to how Worthwhile Wear utilized their thrift business to support their programs. She’s worn a few hats since her early days as a thrift volunteer and now enjoys getting to be a part of all aspects of Worthwhile Wear (and still scratch that creative itch through marketing and planning events). She holds a BA degree from Eastern University. Although she may not work at Worthwhile Thrift anymore, outside of work you can likely find Brooke scouring her local thrift stores for her next great find or convincing her dog to give up the latest sock he discovered.


Josh oversees thrift store operations and the development of new Worthwhile Thrift stores around the country.


With a degree in Business Management from Davenport University and many years of experience in ministry and retail, Josh is excited to use his expertise to advance the work of helping survivors of trafficking. Over the years, Josh had the opportunity to partner with Worthwhile Wear in different areas and he was always impressed with all that Worthwhile Wear accomplished to provide hope and healing to survivors.
When the opportunity arose to be a part of Worthwhile Wear’s mission, he could not wait to join the team. In his role, Josh looks forward to expanding the Worthwhile Thrift network, and being a part of its future growth. When Josh is not at one of our thrift stores, you might find him hiking, spending time with his church community, or hopping on a plane to visit his hometown in the midwest.


Allegra oversees the development of Worthwhile Wear’s housing, employment, and community-based outreach and empowerment programs for survivors of human trafficking.


Prior to joining the team, Allegra was the Executive Director at Family Promise of the Main Line and before that she spent 19 years as the Housing Program Director at Keystone Opportunity Center. Using her 30 years of experience working in the field of poverty, family homelessness and housing instability, Allegra looks forward to working with staff to grow and offer compassionate, high-quality, excellent programming for survivors.

When Allegra is not developing our programming, you might find her hanging out with her family, cooking or gardening. Zinnias are her favorite summertime flower but nothing beats fall and all things pumpkin.


Karen coordinates, schedules and maintains relationships with local resources for our Worth It program.


Prior to joining the Worthwhile Wear team, Karen was an emergency room and hospice nurse, which taught her the importance of teamwork especially through situations that were out of her control. She was first introduced to Worthwhile Wear when Dan came to speak at her church. Once Karen learned more about the mission, she knew that she wanted to work for an organization that helps women know their worth.

She is most looking forward to developing intentional relationships with women in the community, and helping them process what they have experienced. When Karen is not working on the finer details of the Worth It program, you might find her baking with her sourdough starter, or at a new coffee shop enjoying a vanilla latte.


Meghann leads the store team at our Collegeville Worthwhile Thrift in helping customers have a great experience finding thrifted treasures and learn about how their purchases support trafficking survivors.


Meghann was first introduced to Worthwhile Wear while shopping at Worthwhile Thrift’s flagship store in Pipersville where she was moved by the mission. Meghann came to Worthwhile Worthwhile with many years of thrift experience, but she would say the most influential role she had, prior to joining the team, was being a field hockey coach.

Empowering women and supporting them in a positive and encouraging way as a coach left an impact on her. In her role, Meghann looks forward to raising awareness of human trafficking, while building strong and positive relationships with coworkers and customers. When Meghann is not at our thrift store, you might find her gardening or taking her family to a Phillies game!


Nancy leads the store team at our Plumsteadville Worthwhile Thrift in helping customers have a great experience finding thrifted treasures and learn about how their purchases support trafficking survivors.


She was first introduced to Worthwhile Wear when Dan came to speak at her church. Once she learned more about the mission, she knew that she wanted to work with an organization that helps those in need, but especially for an issue that exists in her own backyard.

Her tenured thrift career has provided her with the essential skills needed to manage one of our thrift stores. She looks forward to bringing her knowledge and training in thrift retail and the research of high end and antique donation items to her Plumsteadville staff and volunteers. When Nancy is not at the thrift store, you might find her planning her next overseas adventure, road tripping to Disney World, or journaling with her collection of fountain pens - that is her absolute favorite!


Olivia works alongside the team members and helps with the daily operations of our Worthwhile Thrift in Plumsteadville.


Olivia’s favorite part of her role at Worthwhile Wear is working with so many great people who are passionate about ending human trafficking. Olivia has a desire to help others, and she is excited to further the mission of Worthwhile Wear alongside like-minded individuals.

Beginning at a young age, Olivia has always loved shopping for pre-loved items, and she enjoys seeing all of the unique pieces that the community donates to the thrift store. When Olivia is not at the thrift store you might find her studying for an upcoming college exam, designing florals, enjoying the outdoors or caring for animals, especially chickens which are her favorite!


Evie supports and strengthens Worthwhile Wear directors and team members by providing behind the scenes support through basic human resources, donations management, and administrative efforts.


Prior to joining the team, Evie worked for Project SHINE during her graduate program at Temple where she developed a passion for the role of nonprofits and advocacy work in the community.

After being introduced to Worthwhile Wear by a friend and as a stay at home mom returning to work, she couldn’t stop thinking about our mission so she decided to send her resume and the rest is history. When Evie is not at writing grants, you might find her working on a creative project, grabbing the next book off her reading list or planning an adventure with her family!


Paige creates and maintains programming for residents at The Well.


In addition, Paige manages the house facility and staff so that participants can obtain the tools and resources for healing in a safe, supportive, trauma-informed environment.

Prior to joining the Worthwhile Wear team, Paige worked for Voice and Vision doing systems advocacy work related to mental health and substance use recovery, and also served as the Operations Director for Pennridge FISH Organization where she developed a passion for advocating and resourcing for individuals facing food insecurity and homelessness.

Using the many skills she has developed over the years working alongside vulnerable individuals, Paige looks forward to supporting, empowering and building relationships with the strong and beautiful women who come to The Well. When Paige is not at The Well, you might find her enjoying the company of her two rescue dogs, and catching up on her reading list!


Kate is responsible for the ongoing case management of the program participants and the day-to-day operation of The Well.


Prior to joining the team, Kate provided in-home services for over twelve years as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist for adults who had sustained brain injuries, as well as worked for five years in the psychiatric unit of a hospital. Both of those experiences taught her patience, empathy, teaching, and resourcefulness.

In her role at The Well, Kate looks forward to being inspired herself, in addition to empowering our participants to achieve the lives they truly desire. When Kate is not at The Well, you might find her outdoors letterboxing or wearing a twirly skirt while contra dancing!


Katrina supports, creates and maintains schedules for participants at The Well.


Prior to joining the Worthwhile Wear team, Katrina worked as an EMT for almost 10 years. In this role, she was introduced to people with trauma, and she learned how to better understand individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Using these experiences, Katrina looks forward to helping survivors of human trafficking achieve the life they desire, and to remind them that Worthwhile Wear is here to support them through their healing. When Katrina is not at The Well, you might find her reading a book, practicing embroidery, or taking her dog on long hikes.

Overcoming the issue of human trafficking is only accomplished as a team and we are grateful for the additional team members and volunteers that help us work toward that mission. Want to join our team? Check out current openings here.


Meet the minds that help lead and guide all the big decisions of Worthwhile Wear. We are very grateful for all the time and resources that our Board of Directors selflessly donate to make Worthwhile Wear succeed.

John Wahlers, Board Chair | President, Summit Financial Group
Stacey Delong, Board Secretary | Owner, The Stacey Delong Group with Keller Williams
Derek Loux, Board Member | President, Integrated Security
Dan Crissman, Board Member | Global Head Cross-Therapeutic Project Management , Janssen Research & Development
Erik Kratz, Board Member | MLB Catcher for the New York Yankees
Leah Triola, Board Member | Senior Director, Football Operations & Administration at the National Football League (NFL)
Dr. Deborah Nelson, Board Member | Counselor, Revivals Outreach Center


John Whitman, Advisory Board Member | Business Professor at Wharton School of Business
Rich Reif, Advisory Board Member | Former President and CEO of Doylestown Hospital
Ricky Staub, Advisory Board Member | Film Maker, Co-Founder of Neighborhood Film Co.
Rachel Thomas, Advisory Board Member | Educator, survivor, and creator of Ending The Game intervention curriculum


Our core values shape our goals, the culture of our organization, and is reflected in our programs and care for survivors of human trafficking.

1. faith

This shapes our view that all people deserve dignity and respect.

2. Equality

We treat others as equals, plain and simple.

3. innovation

We’re always looking for ways to grow.

4. knowledge

There’s much to be learned from each other.

5. humility

We’re not here to “fix” anyone.

6. integrity

We do as we say.

7. encouragement

It’s free to give, so we give generously.

8. flexibility

We’re a small, but scrappy team.

9. Communication

Clear communication is our backbone.

10. accountability

We understand that our choices can affect the entire team.

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