The Well addresses the need for long-term housing, restorative care (counseling and mentorship) and employment for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and/or trafficking in the United States. It was started to fill a gap in services in Bucks County and surrounding states.

While some temporary housing services exist for individuals who qualify as being homeless, these are short-term solutions that do not address the need for recovery and counseling. The National Survey of Residential Programs for Victims of Sex Trafficking* reported that only one residential program existed for victims of sex trafficking throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The existing program did not offer employment opportunities, demonstrating another large gap in services.

According to the Bucks County, PA District Attorney, and the Bucks Coalition Against Trafficking (BCAT), women 18 years and older have far fewer services available to them than girls under 18 who qualify for children and youth  services and housing options.

The Well is a community for women in recovery from sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and sex trafficking. The mission of The Well is to provide sanctuary along with an array of support services and educational opportunities for women who have been trafficked, forced to partake in nonconsensual sex acts, and sexually exploited. Developed primarily as a safe house, The Well’s residential program provides long-term secure housing as a haven from the social, psychological and economic factors. Services are provided free of charge and are aimed at developing a foundation of recovery and stability, leading to independent and healthy lives. 


 *Prepared by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, October 2013.