Coke 6-Pack(s)

These Coke-A-Cola 6 packs each contain a variety of glass bottles each with a unique city embossed on the bottom.  We have the following 6-packs:

Pack 1: Jamestown, NY / Fredricksburg, VA / Elberton, GA / Philadelphia, MS / Greenville, NC / Elberton, GA

Pack 2: Spartanville, SC / El PAso, TX / Buffalo, NY / Birmingham, AL / Henderson, NC / Cincinnati, OH

Pack 3: Lexington, KY / Birmingham, AL / Lowell, MA / Russellville, AL / Northampton, MA / Newark, NJ

Pack 4: McAlester, OK / Northampton, MA / Russellville, AL / Grand Forks, ND / Charlottesville, VA / Durham, NC

These 6-packs are only available for local pick-up

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