The Well Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at The Well.   As The Well continues to grow and resources are continually being stretched, the contributions of volunteers are extremely important.

Steps to become a volunteer:

  1. Fill out Application and Confidentiality Agreement 
  2. Copies of three background checks: Child Abuse, PA Criminal Background, Fingerprinting
  3. Meet in-person with Program Director
  4. Complete online training 
    For more information or questions about the volunteer process, please email LuAnn at

    Current Needs:


    Volunteers would drive participants to and from appointments or their places of work. 

    House coverage

    Generally, someone is at the house 24/7. If there's a staff meeting, someone needs to be at the house. If one woman is being driven to an appointment or work, someone needs to cover the house. The more women living at The Well, the greater the need for both drivers and house coverage.


    The women at The Well need healthy relationships and that takes time.  Consider taking a woman out for lunch, treating her to a mani/pedi, or just spending some quality time with her.  It's often times in this context of being a companion where sharing a hobby might be nice - baking, cooking, knitting, etc.

      Special Occasion Meals

      On holidays or birthdays volunteers may come in and use The Well's kitchen and/or grill to prepare, cook, serve and clean-up a meal for the women at The Well. There would never be more than 10, but exact numbers would be shared a week prior to the scheduled meal.

        Special Occasion Bags

        The staff at The Well would love to have small gifts on hand for those living there. For example: birthday cards with a $10 gift card to Walmart, Valentine’s cards with a candy bar, or welcome cards with a bag of goodies for new arrivals - body lotion, a journal and pen, fun socks, etc.  If interested, please email LuAnn at for more information and she will pick up your bags and deliver them to The Well.

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