The Well

The Well is a community for women in recovery from sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and sex trafficking. The mission of The Well is to provide sanctuary along with an array of support services and educational opportunities for women who have been trafficked, forced to partake in nonconsensual sex acts, and sexually exploited. Developed primarily as a safe house, The Well’s residential program provides long-term secure housing as a haven from the social, psychological and economic factors. Services are provided free of charge and are aimed at developing a foundation of recovery and stability, leading to independent and healthy lives. 


Our goal is for residents to gain a foundation for recovery and stability so they can live independent and healthy lives.  We believe that the first 90 days of trauma counseling set the groundwork for future development. Our services include: 

 Housing, meals, clothing Individual & groups counseling
Vocational training Life skills: Laundry, grocery shopping, finances, cooking
Wellness Tutoring, education completion
Mentoring, relationship building                              Access to community services (dental, medical, mental health)
Substance abuse  Creative therapy
Recreation Spiritual development


The Well model was designed with the intent of replication throughout the United States. Running a program like this can be overwhelming, so our desire is to empower and walk alongside individuals, organizations and churches that wish to become part of the long-term solution. This entails working with Worthwhile Wear in launching a Well home in an area where no home for survivors of human trafficking presently exists. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about this partnership model, and how you can join in the vision of Worthwhile Wear.

Our Residence

The Well residence was fully renovated in 2014 by hundreds of dedicated volunteers, churches and local businesses. Their efforts and devotion to this transformation is a testament to their love for these women, and their desire to make a difference. 
This once run-down property is now a warm and inviting home for survivors of human trafficking.