Sustainability is a top priority for non-profits if they want to achieve long-term success. Normally, revenue is generated through charitable contributions. This is true at Worthwhile Wear -- we can't help those affected by human trafficking without our generous and faithful supporters. However, Worthwhile Wear's long-term goal is to become self-sustaining so we can expand our programs to new areas around the US and overseas for many years to come. It is our goal to be 70% self sustaining by 2018, and 90-100% self-sustaining by 2025. Worthwhile Wear is working toward this objective in four unique ways:

Worthwhile Wear Stores
In 2014,  Worthwhile Wear launched Worthwhile Thrift & Freedom Boutique. Freedom Boutique sells items handcrafted by survivors participating in Worthwhile Wear's India programs and  items made by human trafficking survivors helped by organizations around the world.
Items from our Freedom Boutiques can be purchased through our online store for those unable to visit our physical locations.
Worthwhile Thrifts operate as traditional thrift stores, but in an upscale and beautifully decorated store experience. Any clothing that is not sold is recycled. Our goal is to keep the operating expenses for all stores to a minimum so that more money is available for our residential programs.

Worthwhile Wear Wholesale
In 2015, we began selling items made through our India connections through a wholesale program. This allows stores and retailers around the country to sell Worthwhile Wear items. Not only is this another way for Worthwhile Wear to achieve sustainability, but it also raises awareness about human trafficking in new markets.

Worthwhile Wear Promotional Items
Promote your cause, organization, or business while fighting modern day slavery. Worthwhile Wear provides a unique opportunity to achieve this by offering promotional items such as promotional T-shirts and drawstring bags with your company, cause, or organization's logo or design on them. This is a simple way to help women affected by human trafficking. It's a very real way for you and those joining you to literally "wear the story of freedom."

Worthwhile Wear Retail
Worthwhile Wear is working to put products made by survivors into retails stores throughout America. If more items are sold then more women can be offered Worthwhile Wear's services. Overseas, they can earn well above the average income, giving them the opportunity to escape the atrocity of human trafficking. If you are a retailer interested in partnering with Worthwhile Wear by selling jewelry, clothing, handbags and more , please contact us at

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