Our Team

Overcoming human trafficking is only accomplished as a team, and we believe our team is among the best. They are:

Senior Leadership

Daniel Emr - Founder & Executive Director of Worthwhile Wear

Stephanie Emr - Founder & Director of Operations

 The Well - US-based Residential Program

Karen Kutzner                  Program Director

Jaclyn Lobb               Manager of Care

Rhonda Keller                      Senior House Coach


Worthwhile Thrift & Freedom Boutique

Brooke Engelbart           Store Manager, Pipersville

Stefanie Dockery                                      Store Manager, Fountainville

Hannah Nixon                Store Support

Luke Bennett                          Store Support

Kritine HardingWarehouse Manager


Worthwhile Wear; India

Shashi Rajan - Program Director, Pune, India

Benjamin Rajan - Finance Manager, Pune India

Dami Dan - Program Manager, Pune India



Jay Atlas - Community Outreach & Advocate

Sylvester Williams - Community Outreach & Advocate