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Worthwhile Wear exists to reach and restore women affected by human trafficking, which is today's modern day slavery.


The issue of Human trafficking is a global matter, and our response should be as wide-reaching as the need. Worthwhile Wear has sought to address this extensive area of need, by adapting a multi-prong approach to meet the varied needs. Worthwhile Wear provides vocational training and employment in its overseas programs (primarily in India; cities of Mumbai & Pune), where economics is one of the driving factors of human trafficking. In the US, Worthwhile Wear’s programs address the need of long-term restorative services, housing and employment for US survivors of human trafficking through its housing & aftercare program, The Well.

Worthwhile Wear

Worthwhile Wear International

Worthwhile Wear has identified poverty as one of the leading causes for trafficking in many countries. In order to address this root cause, Worthwhile Wear operates vocational and employment centers in India, providing women the opportunity to get out and stay out of human trafficking. Our strategy to effectively and efficiently address the issue of human trafficking revolves around our concerted effort to partner with already existing organizations doing the hard and necessary work in these countries. Instead of starting new locations on our own, Worthwhile Wear looks to partnerships to help subsidize the typically draining effects of building an infrastructure from scratch. We aren't reinventing the wheel, but we are working to organize the many “spokes” better, and make the “wheel” more effective. Our networking strategy with already existing organizations, allows for collaborative solutions to eradicate the sex slave trade. Too many organizations try to go it alone, but we see how much more effective we are when we join our knowledge, experience, and efforts.


The Well program is located on 83 acres within Bucks County, PA that is zoned for residential group homes. The house was completely renovated during the summer of 2014, largely through the efforts of volunteers who provided both labor and materials. The Well program was created to provide long-term housing (up to 2 yrs) and to empower women affected by commercial sexual exploitation or sex trafficking, providing them with the necessary coping tools to work through past trauma, complete educational benchmarks if necessary, provide long-term employment options, and secure affordable housing. The Well offers therapeutic classes all geared to fulfill the purpose of the program which is a comprehensive response to and recovery from sexual trauma for women 18 years and older regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation or sex trafficking. The Well’s residential program provides long-term secure housing as a haven from the social, psychological and economic factors. The services provided by The Well at no cost to the participants include:
  • Housing for up to two years
  • Vocational training & Employment: Worthwhile Thrift & Freedom Boutique
  • Meals
  • Clothing
  • Individual and group counseling (trauma-informed and evidence-based)
  • Transportation
  • Life Skills (Cleaning/chores, Laundry, Grocery shopping, Cooking/baking, Financial Management)
  • Wellness (Health literacy, Nutrition, Exercise)
  • Education: Tutoring, working to complete schooling (i.e. GED, Associates Degree, Bachelor Degree, various certifications for fields of work)
  • Mentoring; relationship building
  • Creative Activities: art, music, writing (recreational and therapeutic)
  • Recreation: games, crafts, outside & physical activities (i.e. rock climbing, horseback riding, bicycling, Yoga, etc.)
  • Access to services in the community: substance abuse programs and support groups; medical and dental care; victim services (case management and legal)
  • Spiritual growth
These services are provided in a safe environment for healing and restoration for up to two years to The Well participants with the goal of developing a foundation of recovery and stability so they are equipped to live independent and healthy lives.

Worthwhile Thrift & Freedom Boutique


Worthwhile Thrift & Freedom Boutique

The stores are located in Pipersville and Fountainville PA and serve as an additional financial support for Worthwhile Wear and its restorative programs. The Freedom Boutique features Worthwhile Wear merchandise as well as other items made by the hands of the free, while Worthwhile Thrift operates as a traditional thrift store.


Our Story

I first heard of human trafficking in 2010 when a young couple visited our church to share about their involvement with girls in the sex slave trade overseas. It was that introduction that planted a seed of change urging me to not sit idly by, but to be part of the solution. From that desire to do more, Worthwhile Wear was born, and now today works internationally with like-minded organizations providing employment to survivors, operates a housing and restorative program in the US called The Well, and has launched two Worthwhile Thrift stores and The Freedom Boutique. Worthwhile Wear is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, and serves as the parent organization over these different programs and stores.  

I grew up in Ukraine as a missionary kid, and learned from my parents what it meant to set personal comforts aside to better serve others. With God's guidance, I made the very difficult decision to leave my sales and marketing position at local engineering and manufacturing company in an effort to fully commit myself to this cause. I have the support and help of my wife and two children, and we’ve committed ourselves to provide for and support these women. Through our actions, we desire to show each woman in our program that they are truly worthwhile. 

Daniel J. Emr Sr. 
Founder and Executive Director
Worthwhile Wear
The Well - Worthwhile Thrift - Freedom Boutique

Our Team


Overcoming the issue of human trafficking is only accomplished as a team, and here at Worthwhile Wear we think we have the best team and would like to introduce you to them:

WorthWhile Wear Team


Founder & Executive Director of Worthwhile Wear


Founder & Director of Operations


Manager of Communications and Community Engagement

Karen Kutzner

Manager of Development

Brooke Engelbart

Manager of Marketing

the well

Carla Clanagan

House Manager, Interim Program Director



Worthwhile Thrift & Freedom Boutique

Stefanie Dockery

Stores Manager


Store Support

Lauren Kokolus

Store Support

Kennie Matsinger

Store Support


Specialties Coordinator

Stephanie Rosenblum

Store Support


Meet the minds that help lead and guide all the big decisions of Worthwhile Wear. We are very grateful for all the time and resources that our Board of Directors selflessly donate to make Worthwhile Wear succeed.

Board of Directors


Board Chair

Dan Emr

Board Member


Board Member

John Wahlers

Board Member


Board Member

Stacey Delong

Board Member

John Whitman

Advisory Board Member

Rich Rief

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Bhaskar Savani

Advisory Board Member


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