Our Team

Our Team

Overcoming the issue of human trafficking is only accomplished as a team, and here at Worthwhile Wear we think we have the best team and would like to introduce you to them:

Worthwhile Wear
Dan Emr Stephanie Emr Nate Lamb

Founder & Executive Director of Worthwhile Wear

Founder & Director of Operations Administrative Assistant
LuAnn Rittenhouse Brooke Engelbart
Community Engagement Marketing
The Well
Carla Clanagan Jackie Lobb
 House Manager, Interim Program Director Therapist
Worthwhile Thrift
 Stefanie Dockery Walt Kline Stephanie Rosenblum
Stores Manager Specialties Coordinator Store Support
Kennie Matsinger Lori Swartley Meryah Harding
Store Support Store Support Store Support


Meet the minds that help lead and guide all the big decisions of Worthwhile Wear. We are very grateful for all the time and resources that our Board of Directors selflessly donate to make Worthwhile Wear succeed.

Board of Directors
Karen Daly Smith Dan Emr Derek Loux
Board Chair Board Member Board Member
John Wahlers Stacey Delong Jim Wilson
Board Member Board Member Board Member
John Whitman Rich Rief Dr. Bhaskar Savani
Advisory Board Member Advisory Board Member Advisory Board Member