Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Share Nikki's story on social media during the month of January to be a part of our virtual awareness event

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month and each year we hold an in person event where we educate our local community about the realities of modern day slavery and discuss how they can be a part of the solution. This year, we'd like to raise awareness in a virtual way.

Now, more than ever, people are staying home and spending time on social media, so what better way to raise awareness than by meeting people where they are at? This January, you are invited to share Nikki's story on Facebook and Instagram so that thousands of of people can learn about human trafficking.


Nikki was tricked into what she thought was a fun night out only to realize her friends had driven her miles from home and brought her to a trafficker who exploited her. Thankfully Nikki's story doesn't end there. After escaping her trafficker, she found help from some unlikely places; a truck stop, a strip club, a church organization, and ultimately 83 acres in the woods of Bucks County.

Nikki's story touches on some of the harsh realities of trafficking, but ultimately she shares a story of healing and restoration thanks to the community that surrounded her and her own resilience.


Nikki is a 2020 graduate from The Well program and bravely shared her story during this interview that we aired during "A Worthwhile Telethon" back in November. (Trigger Warning)


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Human trafficking is an issue that reaches all corners of the world from bustling cities in India to the quiet suburbs of Philadelphia, but by sharing Nikki's story, you can bring awareness to this important issue and remind others that there is hope for those affected and healing is possible.

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